Friday, October 7, 2016

Firefox sandbox on Linux tightened

As just announced on, we landed a set of changes in today's Nightly that tightens our sandboxing on Linux. The content process, which is the part of Firefox that renders webpages and executes any JavaScript on them, had been previously restricted in the amount of system calls that it could access. As of today, it no longer has write access to the filesystem, barring an exception for shared memory and /tmp. We plan to also remove the latter, eventually.

As promised, we're continuing to batten down the hatches gradually, making it harder for an attacker to successfully exploit Firefox. The changes that landed this night are an important step, but far from the end of the road, and we'll be continuing to put out iterative improvements.

Some of our next steps will be to address the interactions with the X11 windowing system, as well as implementing read restrictions.


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